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Donations & Surpport

As a village club wanting to progress and better ourselves, we are constantly seeking ways to raise additional funds to provide improved facilities and coaching.


Donations / Contributions

The Club would welcome any type of contribution which can be used to support the Club such as financial gifts, services or even raffle prizes. If you are willing to provide a financial contribution, raffle prizes etc or any other gift you think appropriate, please do not hesitate to contact the Club.

Become A Supporter

As well as the Club hosting bowls league cup competitions, our members also play in the region of 100 league and competition games throughout the bowls season, any supporters name and logo could be seen at all these games by other players, officials and spectators. In addition as the Club is part of the Gosforth Garden Village Association, any supporter details would be on view to all visitors to the Community Pavilion, its user groups and their members.


We are currently seeking spupporters for the Club with the 2023 season starting in April and would be happy to discuss options which would benefit and promote any supporters buisness as well as assisting the future progression of our bowls club.

Should you wish to discuss options or maybe have your own ideas to help the Club and help us to promote your business, please do not hesitate to contact the Club direct.

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